Welcome to Walnut Creek Psychotherapy: Enhancing the lives of adults, children and families in the greater East Bay   Dr. Barton LynchHi, I'm Dr. Barton Lynch, founder of Walnut Creek Psychotherapy. Finding a psychologist is an important and personal decision. Generally, most people do not seek psychotherapy until distress and internal hardship become quite unbearable. This can make the process of finding help a daunting task. People are often uncertain about what they truly need to feel better.   As a psychologist in practice for many years, I have been able to help people find relief and lasting change through difficult transitions. My goal is to make your transition into psychotherapy both quick and successful. Therapy is about you and should be tailored to your specific needs.

child therapy

Child Therapy
Dr. Lynch specializes in work with children ages four through adolescence. He has worked with children from a variety of backgrounds and situations, including multi stressed families, blended families, foster adoption, divorce, domestic violence, and acute and chronic trauma.

adult therapy

Individual Adult Therapy
Individual therapy is a commitment to working collaboratively with your psychologist to gain insight to how your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions impact your daily functioning.


Psychological Evaluations (Testing)
Dr. Lynch provides psychological evaluations for children and adolescents ranging from 6½ to 16 years of age. Psychological testing is utilized to assess cognitive, intellectual, memory, academic, behavioral, and emotional functioning that may be impeding one’s ability to perform at their full potential.

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The help you need when you need it the most.

A non-judgmental approach to problem solving.

A safe and confidential environment.

Understand the past to gain insight into current symptoms.

Identify and work with emotions in a proactive way.